Ruscist-English dictionary

A result of careless smoking in the Crimea.

The Russian propaganda machine has produced many beautiful expressions, which would have made Joseph Goebbels envious. I have collected several of them. This little dictionary can help you understand the language of Putin and his friends better, and also to appreciate the numerous memes in the Internet.

Ruscist expressionLiteral meaningEnglish equivalent
specialnaya voyennaya operaciya, specoperaciyaspecial military operation, special operationwar, invasion
idti po planugo according to the planbe played by the ear
ikh tam netthey are not thereRussian soldiers without insignia are in Ukraine
zhest dobroy volian act of goodwillretreat
mnogopolyarnyi mirmultipolar worldthe world order where the USA is humiliated and Russia can do whatever it likes
vspyshkaflashsee khlopok
kureniyesmokingstrike (by Ukrainian forces)
okurokсigarette butta (Ukrainian) missile
demilitarizaciya, razoruzheniyedemilitarizationkilling Ukrainian civilians
dukhovno-nravsvennoye vospitaniyespiritual and ethical upbringingteaching kids that they are born to die for Putin and his regime
russkiy mirRussian worldanti-Western, antidemocratic, homophobic, nationalist world

Now some examples.

V Krymu snova byli xlopki i vspyshki iz-za neostorozhnogo kureniya. Odin okurok unichtozhil sklad boyepripasov.

The literal meaning:

“There have been cracks and flashes again in the Crimea as a result of careless smoking. One cigarette butt destroyed a military depot.”

Translated into plain English:

“There have been explosions again in the Crimea as a result of strikes. One missile destroyed a military depot.”

Another example:

Specoperaciya idet po planu. My pokinuli etu territorizu v kachestve zhesta dobroy voli. Demilitarizaciya Ukrainy prokhodit uspeshno.

The literal meaning:

“The special operation is going according to the plan. We left the territory as a gesture of goodwill. The demilitarization of Ukraine is running successfully”.

What this really means:

“We have no plan and are improvising. We had to retreat. We have killed many Ukrainian civilians”.

And the final one:

Rossiya vystupayet za mnogopolyarnyi mir, gde ne budet diskriminacii stran i narodov.

The literal meaning:

“Russia is for a multipolar world without discrimination of countries and nations”.

The true meaning:

“We want to live in a world where we can do whatever we like, and no one says everything. And the USA is crying in the corner.”

Do you know more Ruscist expressions? Please share them in the comments!

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